Custom Plastics Products

We specialize in making custom fabricated products for a wide range of applications including indoor, outdoor, LED or backlight custom signs and displays. Custom Fabricated Acrylic Displays have almost limitless boundaries in size, shape, colours and styles. Our expertise of the materials can speed up the design and manufacturing of your unique display. Text and logo's can be added with 3D colored text, etching, Silk Screen or Vinyl. With the wide variety of materials & colors we can build the right display for your required needs

 Custom Plastics products:
 Custom Plastic displaysCustom Plastic signs
 Custom Plastic standoff signsCustom Plastic directories
 Custom Plastic lab equipmentCustom Plastic hospital equipment
 Custom Plastic hardwareCustom Plastic sheet
 Custom Plastics TubeCustom Plastic Rod
 Custom Plastics mountsCustom Plastics art covers
 Custom Plastics model coversCustom Plastics equipment guards
 Custom Plastics shieldsCustom Plastics furniture
 Custom Plastics boat windowsCustom Plastics boat hatches
 Custom Plastics cabinetsCustom Plastics podiums
 Custom Plastics movie propsCustom Plastics lighting panels
 Custom Plastics light lensesCustom Plastics plinths